Eric Arn (guitar)

American guitarist Eric Arn and his Primordial Undermind collective have tirelessly mined the nether regions of avant-rock for two decades. Since settling in Vienna, Austria in 2005, Eric has continued with the Undermind as well as playing solo, in duos with Stefan Kushima/Cruise Family and Vanessa Arn, as a member of Tempel Solaire/Tempel Lunaire, the Magic Carpathians, and the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra. His first solo album, Points of Fissure was released in April 2013 on Feathered Coyote.

Tobias Aumann (guitar)

Tobias is a guitarist and sound manipulator. He plays the guitar in the Viennese Electronic-Rock Band Neonstream. Their second album is scheduled for release in September 2014 via Noise Appeal Records. Since late 2013 his secret passion for noise and experimental music finds expression in the Noise/Drone-Duo BOORII, in which he uses guitar, keys, voice and effects to create noisescapes.
Bertram Dhellemmes

Musician, performer, multimedia artist, stage and video director, plays guitars and electronics. Collaborated with numerous musicians, dancers and new media artists for improvisation and transmedia projects in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Japan, Germany and now Vienna - and plays also solo. His music ranges from ultra-noise to electro-minimalism, via free-jazz, free-rock, free-glitch and roughly anything free. CDs released on label Kinpatsu.

Johanna Forster (guitar)

Johanna has been playing in various formations in the fields of experimental, noise, post-rock and improvised music in the past five years. She is one half of the Viennese noise rock duo MuttTricx who released their first album on unrecords and zach records in May 2013. She currently works together with the improv trio Mutt/Mayr/Hackl and with the drummer and performer Markus Deutschmann. In addition to her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, she sometimes composes for performance and theater, works as a graphic designer, coaches young musicians at the pink noise girls rock camp and is part of the queer feminist record label unrecords

Vincenzo Granato (guitar)

Born in Napoli (Italy) currently living in Vienna. Singer, composer, guitarist and traditional neapolitan percussionist. Comes from a family of traditional singers for generations. Active in music and theater international scene since 2000, studied many years within Guitar Craft seminars and tours (under Robert Fripp guidance).

Matthias Kampf (drums, electronics)

Matthias is a visual artist interested in the fields of design, photo-/cinematography, painting and especially the magic of audiovisual artforms and its various combinations.
He's been performing throughout Europe as part of the experimental rock band Neonstream (releasing on Noise Appeal alongside Sex Jams, Hella Comet, Fuckhead...) and is also one part of the noise-impro duo BOORII.
Marcin Ł. Morga (bass)

Multi instrumentalist, composer and singer of very international descent. With 21 years he is the youngest member of the SPEV.  Studied at the F. Schubert and the Conservatory of Vienna, further took several classes by various artists. He likes blondes but prefers brunettes. Performed in the UK, Germany,  Poland and Korea.

Diego Mune (guitar)

Diego Mune is an Argentinian guitarist extraordinaire, who has lived for a while in Vienna. Remarkable are the floating sounds in the free, vibrant, tonal improvisations of Diego Mune, which fall in a quite a pleasant restrained way out of the frame of the familiar. Constant change and surprises are the characteristic sounds of Mune, which escape through innovation, an amazing complexity opening doors to new sonic spaces where classical and Argentine blues stand out clearly.

Lucas Henao Serna (drums)

born in Colombia, played in some punk (Maleza Urbana, the Jettys) and tropical noise (Okdaccord) projects. Actually based in Vienna.

Edward Reardon (guitar)

Composer and improviser born in Chicago and currently living in Vienna. Playing piano, guitar and analog synthesizers, he performed in many ensembles, including Raum-Espacio Ensemble, 1234, the Richard Nickel transaction Ensemble and Black Dot. Recently, he performed as a guest with the WOW trio from Lucern, Switzerland. He is also a prolific composer for theater.

Jasmin Maria Rilke (guitar)

Guitarist and sometimes drummer and bass player in formations such as Aivery, Me & Jane Doe, Lime Crush and occasionally Tirana. Exploring guitar playing styles spanning from punk to grunge to pop to dark dancey electro new-wave stuff. Self-taught musician.

Markus Steinkellner (guitar)

Markus Steinkellner is a guitarist, singer and producer for electronic music. In addition to his solo project Idklang, he's playing in bands such as Jakuzi's Attempt, Artists in Revolt and Arktis/Air.
Christoph Weikinger (guitar)

Christoph Weikinger is a musician and dishwasher based in Vienna. He grew up near Linz where he was member of industrial-art-punk collective Nematomorpha. Nowadays he plays guitar in Primordial Undermind and Torùn. His other musical projects include Outer Vertex, Tornado Victory and an acoustic folk band with Uli Rois and Stary Zoo. Christoph also plays solo and his favourite colour is the red of a good glass of wine.